Mud Facts


The Cons of Mudding:

  1. Mud is really dirty because that’s what it’s made out of. Mud is wet dirt and mud can turn back into dirt once the moisture in it dries. Dirt is always inside of mud but mud is not inside dirt because mud is the result of dirt and water mixed together. Take out the moisture and you have dirt.
  2. Bacteria and viruses from animal feces live in the mud there, including Campylobacter (C. coli), a virus called norovirus, and even E. coli. If ingested through the nose or mouth, these germs can cause intestinal infections and make you ill. Symptoms may begin within two to five days after exposure, and include:
    1. Diarrhea
    2. Nausea
    3. Abdominal craps
    4. Fever
  3. Based on some limited research, mud baths are typically not harmful for healthy people as long as your skin is intact and you don’t ingest it,” says Dr. Harvey. “However, if you have broken skin from an injury or eczema, for example, you may be at risk for developing an infection.