5 Reasons Every Woman Should Do a Mud Run

You’re caked with mud, dripping with sweat and surrounded by some of your best girlfriends. No, you’re not at a luxury spa getting a mud facial and sweating out toxins. Instead, you’re part of the growing number of women – which jumped from 33,600 in 2011 to 130,000 in 2012 – who are diving into mud runs.

We lived to tell the tale – and to encourage other women to take on the same adventure. Not sure if a mud run is for you? Here are five reasons every woman should try the experience at least once.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a hard-core athlete or – as my sister screamed to one of the Mud Run volunteers – you usually only do this in video games. A Mud Run is different than any other race out there. You’re not just running; you’re climbing rope walls, swimming through mud pits and doing plenty of bear crawls under nets … up hill … while being pelted with water from fire hoses.

Mud runs are definitely not for the faint of heart so if you have any pre-existing or past medical problems you should probably talk with your doctor before signing up.