The Complicated Realities Of Living With A Quicksand Fetish

The Complicated Realities Of Living With A Quicksand Fetish

In 1932, Tarzan The Ape Man introduced the movie-going public to the concept of drowning movie extras in quicksand …

… and to everybody’s surprise, we started masturbating. Quicksand became something of a fetish, though mostly unacknowledged: The next few decades featured endless depictions of people, mostly young women, being slowly sucked down to their demise. Peak Quicksand arrived in the 1960s, with one in 35 Hollywood films featuring a scene like this:

It’s impossible to overstate how pervasive the ‘quicksand’ meme was. Before the Apollo 11 landing, there was widespread fear that the moon’s dust might act like “quicksand.” David Bowie wrote a song called “Quicksand” about Hitler. Quicksand was everywhere, which was bad news for inattentive young women on safari, but great news for thousands of Americans like Carl: A man with a quicksand fetish.

As a millennial, he’s in the minority of his waning ilk. He told us that the bulk of the other fetishists he’s met “are in their 50s and 60s; they grew up watching the old Tarzan movies and TV shows.” They were jerking it to earthporn long before Reddit became a thing.

Pop culture inventing new fetishes wasn’t unprecedented, or brought about by the corrupting influence of Hollywood: The rubber fetish got its start with the invention of rubber Mackintosh rain coats in the 1890s.…

Many viewers got aroused as Helen Skelton takes part in ‘kinky’ mud wrestling

Many viewers got aroused as Helen Skelton takes part in ‘kinky’ mud wrestling

Presenter Helen Skelton got herself geared up to give the traditional sport a whirl – something that has until now only been a male tradition in the Lakeland games.

She was shown the ropes by 20-year-old Connie Hodgson, who will be taking part in this year’s competition.

Connie demonstrated how wrestlers hold each other, almost in an embrace that Helen deemed “very intimate“.

But intimacy went out the window as soon as Connie took out Helen from below, with the 33-year-old presenter falling into the muddy grass.

Helen managed to get her own back though, copying the move in the next round and sending Connie to the floor.

Next came the hardest move of the sport, which Connie called the “full buttock”. The move saw Connie turn her back to Helen and wedge her posterior into Helen from the front.

But this wasn’t an affectionate gesture, with Connie flipping Helen over her shoulder and flat on her back, now caked in mud.

This traditional English sport sent viewers at home into a slight frenzy.

Someone else was quick to post: “Helen Skelton mud wrestling a 20 year old blonde on a Sunday evening. Thank you #bbc,” followed by another: “Helen Skelton Cumbrian mud wrestling a young blonde.…

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Do a Mud Run

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Do a Mud Run

You’re caked with mud, dripping with sweat and surrounded by some of your best girlfriends. No, you’re not at a luxury spa getting a mud facial and sweating out toxins. Instead, you’re part of the growing number of women – which jumped from 33,600 in 2011 to 130,000 in 2012 – who are diving into mud runs.

We lived to tell the tale – and to encourage other women to take on the same adventure. Not sure if a mud run is for you? Here are five reasons every woman should try the experience at least once.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a hard-core athlete or – as my sister screamed to one of the Mud Run volunteers – you usually only do this in video games. A Mud Run is different than any other race out there. You’re not just running; you’re climbing rope walls, swimming through mud pits and doing plenty of bear crawls under nets … up hill … while being pelted with water from fire hoses.

Mud runs are definitely not for the faint of heart so if you have any pre-existing or past medical problems you should probably talk with your doctor before signing up.

Wrestle in Bed for A Long Time With These Tips

Wrestle in Bed for A Long Time With These Tips

If you want to increase your sexual stamina, then you have come to the right place. Before engaging in sexual activities, you need to pay attention to a lot of things. Sexual stamina is one of them. There are thousands of ways available that can improve the sexual stamina. You will have to pay attention to the methods. But did you know if you are going to gym on a regular basis then you can boost the sexual stamina?

However, most of the doctors suggest that  strength training is good for your fitness. If you really want to improve your sexual life, then you should do a lot of push-ups on a regular basis. It isn’t an easy thing, but if you want to enjoy sex, then you will have to pay attention to some methods. Let’s discuss the ways that can increase the sexual stamina.

Join Gym

There are thousands of ways available in which you should try Gym on a regular basis. With the help of Gym, you can improve a lot of things such as sexual shortcomings. If a person is not well, then they will have to consult with an expert doctor for further suggestions.

How do mud fighting and mud run activities help strengthen our bodies?

How do mud fighting and mud run activities help strengthen our bodies?

All About Mud Fighting and Mud Runs

Playing in the mud isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many people dislike that they get so dirty, and it can take a long time to clean yourself and your clothes. On the other hand, there are a bunch of people who enjoy mud baths. 


Yup, these baths or mud pools allow you to dip your entire body into the mud. Now, we know you’re wondering who would want to do that, and the answer is people who know the benefits of mud.


Children aren’t wrong — playing with mud is fun! Even though it’s dirty, mud can help you strengthen your body and mind. So, how does that happen? To answer that question, we’ll tell you all about the benefits of mud fighting and mud runs. 


These mud exercises are a lot less competitive and harmful than they sound. Mud fights don’t encourage participants to hurt each other, and mud runs are all about overcoming obstacles as a team.


Many people don’t even know about these exercises, and if you’re one of them, we’ll tell you why you should step out of your comfort zone and get muddy.

You Improve Your Immune System

We’re sure you know all about the importance of exercising already.

Salirophilia — What is this fetish?

Salirophilia — What is this fetish?

There are so many fetishes out there, and sexual pleasure can be found in nearly anything. Some people love feet, others enjoy butts, and there are those who enjoy cosplay. But did you know that some people really love being dirty? Let’s talk about salirophilia

What Is Salirophilia

Salirophilia is a paraphilia where a person experiences sexual arousing from soiling or disheveling the object of their desire. In the majority of cases, that object is a beautiful person. For some, this sexual fetish might manifest through damaging or tearing their clothes, covering them in filth or mud, messing their makeup, hairstyle, or in any way “ruining” their looks. 


Of course, that doesn’t mean that the person with salirophilia will be violent, and it is usually a type of role-play. They might want their partner to wear clothes that don’t fit them or do anything that will make them appear less attractive. 


This fetish includes numerous other subcategories, and each person might experience it differently. For some, wet-and-messy-look fetishism is the way to go, and it might be related to cum play, bukkake, golden showers, and so on. 



The entire subject of this filthy fetish is interesting.

The Magnificent Black Dildo

The Magnificent Black Dildo

Do you harbor a strong fetish for black dildos? Well, black dildos command a premier class of their own. Their unmatched alpha male splendor, coupled with a mighty presence, can make any woman go weak in the knees. Black dildos are the unrivalled champions in the dildo world. It’s natural that you have a “thing” for their alluring great length and solid girth. Are you craving to try a black dildo for long? That’s just hot- and there is a wide variety of black or dark dildos to choose from in the contemporary adult toy market.

If you think you will be spoilt for choices being a newbie- don’t worry- the post below offers a brief on the best of the magnificent black dildos you will find in the current market.

King Cock 6” Ultra Realistic Black Dildo

This handsome black dildo by King Cock is an absolute stunner. Its intricate veiny details and rich black shade make it as much realistic as a toy could be.  In regards to length, the toy comes with 5.25” insertable length while its circumference is 5”. If you haven’t used large dildos before and are a newbie in the adult toy world, this is a safe option for you.…